「井水似乎不太適合你,你慣了周圍走,食井水怕你會水土不服。」我把卡片交回菲力偉,眼尾還留在我手底下的那份second draft。






  就是這樣,歲月催人,令這行的客戶對手隨時會是昔日行家。撞口撞面,廢話少講,一埋牙就問幾多個佣,賣唔賣得晒,東家唔搵搵西家,令身懷絕技的top sales,無用武之地。




Election by Hate!!?? said...

1)why people support democracy in Hong Kong ?
My view is they think they may be getting more1)why people support democracy in Hong Kong ?
My view is they think they may be getting more fairly treated after they can choose the CEO. But I think they will be disapointed after free election done.

2)Lets think who will be most benifit from one people one vote election system? and who will be harmed?
I think we never know that no matter who is elected, we still continue to be cheated,
and politicans carry on they hi-class party and non of our business when they getting reputation and good wine and food.

3)Are you supporting a great wish of Democracy.?
Are you just want to be interest in seeking and benifited by it?(it means:you will accept the election results even you are harmed by policys after your voter loss.)
Ask this question to your deep heart. And also analyse this question to scan before you make support to any politic candidates.
My answer for the above question is all negative.
So,I will only support different parties and Govt. in every different time and Topics. I will Never support a single party or person as an Idol.It is stupid to back up any idol.

4)No matter CEO Tsang or Vote-Vouchers seekers politicans. When they wish to seek interest by people's mood. It is low class and danger. We must think deep and cool and learn to make wise dicisions.
It will make HK become a wise city with wise politicans and CEO, They will do their job well planned by brain and not by feelings and mood.

Never hate me or like me after you read the above. Just tell my fault or my right.Every body can be wrong,but when we use brain with no hate or love,we will get into better place.

I am a F.2 boy.
My chinese write-pad are down,sorry for my bad engish written.

6/30/2006 8:51 PM

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry to say that your english is really poor....

a fish eaten said...

My philipinne maid just told me:

She like to stay in here much more than in home-country even she can not vote in HK.

She explain that Democracy is a joke.It's the same groups of people playing a game with lies,and the best liar win.

And people are very clever to discover the fact after 5 years, and think they will not get cheated again in next 5 years.

She said: she is much clever for she just buy a mark-six ticket in HK every 5 years,selecting her own favour numbers ,and 100% sure will not be cheated and got a chance to be a million $ girl in the next day other than found loss 4 years later.

She is so smart :Be a master of herself by making a right/wrong tick by her choice.
not to be a slave of liar and tick a ticket that she can never ever get win.

It seen like true.
she is a university girl knowing much more than me(her master),(a poor HK man with no citizen vote).

election by hate!!?? said...

I am so sorry for my noisome english.
I will try my best to learn well after my english teacher is examination qualified.
Or I had to repeat F.2 to meet a better english teacher.
I like the Chinese Lit. and History teachers for they tell a lot of old stories in class but the english teacher never did.

Michael said...

To Election by Hate:

It is nice you take the time out to express your views. That takes a lot of courage.

In politics, there is no absolutely right or wrong answers. Times change. People change. Ideas change. Opinions change.

So you have to make up your mind on matters of politics.

I certainly do not want to impose my view on you. My only advice: Read widely. Try to keep an open mind. Listen to views from all sides, even from those whom you may not like.

After that, you will develop your own views--and hopefully can defend them with rational arguments.

Good luck, and keep up the good work.


P.S. Your English is quite all right--by F.2 standard. If I were you, I would not repeat F.2 just because I wanted to meet a better English teacher. Where is the guarantee?

Rather than relying on teachers, a more promising way to improve English is to cultivate a good reading habit. You still have four years ahead of you before you take the university entrance exam. If you start now, I am sure your English will be top-notch when you reach F.6. Good luck.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...




election by hate/love!!?? said...

To Michael,
Thank you for your encourangement and advices,I do not like reading school books,I like to see foreign movies and english TV,like the 24,OC.and the discovery channels.and like to read EPA.i got A in it,but science and maths are fail.

So,i think it make teacher comments my grammer are a mess but my readings are ok.also the vocabuary are also very bad.

so,i like to read "shun-bo",my father order it every day,and most love is chou-chu-yan on Saturday,very "ho-siu".

I do not like people always say govt. no good and very bad.but my mother and grand mother was crued by govt with very small money in a long period and the doctor and nurse are very good.And the social nurse always come my home and asked what govt org.can help.

Michael said...

To Election by Hate:

As I said, I do not want to impose my political view on you, so I will not disclose my position on political matters. Suffice it to say that you have every right to hold your view. At the same time, do keep an open mind. Not everyone has favorable encounters with government officials / social workers or receive favorable treatments from the government. They also have their rights to hold a negative view toward the government.

Instead of politics, I would like to share with you some English-learning advices.

First, reading. Do not read a book just because you want to learn English. Instead, go to the library, flip through some books, and pick out books that you really want to read because they are interesting. That is the only way to cultivate a long-lasting reading habit.

Can I provide a recommended reading list to you? No, I can’t, for I am a believer in “serendipity” (discovery by accident). My only advice: Don’t read a book just because others say it is a classic. Instead, read it because you find the book interesting. Any kind of books—fiction, non-fiction—will do as long as they interest you.

Regarding writing, it is important to develop a feel for English sentence structure. Actually, English sentence structure is very simple: SVC (subject-verb-complement). Still, simple as it is, the only way to develop such a feel is through extensive reading. Once you develop a good feel for English sentence structure, your grammar will improve automatically.

The worst type of English is Chinglish (Chinese-English). It is the number one culprit that makes a piece of writing hard to follow, even incomprehensible. Do not translate a Chinese sentence into its English equivalent verbatim, word for word. That is a recipe for disaster. Instead, cultivate a feel for English sentence structure through extensive reading—and then write in English, not Chinglish.

Many learners of English believe falsely that they need to master a huge set of difficult vocabulary—words that appear in U.S. public exams such as SAT and GRE. While it never hurts to have a large vocabulary, it is actually less important than developing a solid feel for English—its structure, its sound, and its rhythm. I have encountered a couple of friends and colleagues who have a huge vocabulary but whose writings are coarse and virtually incomprehensible (because they use all those difficult words in the wrong places).

Now for the most challenging part: speaking and listening. Unfortunately I don’t have any good advice on these fronts. As far as I know, the only method for improvement is exposure. Listening is easier these days, with the Internet and TV and radio channels and all the movies in CDs and DVDs. In contrast, speaking is really hard in Hong Kong, for English has never really taken root in Hong Kong and entered into the daily speech of the local people. So on this front, I can offer no advice.

That’s all I can say about my experience with learning English. Actually, getting English-learning tips is easy. The hard part is to put those advices into practice. That requires a lot of work and even hardship—and that’s why it is important to make the whole learning experience as interesting and painless as possible.

Good luck. Have a great summer—and good reading!


P.S. I respect your right to pick whatever blogger name you prefer. But frankly, I think “Election by Hate” is a bit jarring on the ear—especially the word “Hate”. Why not make it simpler, like “Election”? That will certainly be more neutral.

Election said...

Hi, Michael.

I had read Harry protter and the prisoner of azkanan in English,but many words i do not know how to pronounce it and got to check dictionary many times.

I had heard some of my class mates said there is a machine which can read all the whole books by human voice both in English and Chinese by computers, I think it is very good to us,if a machine can talk to me with correct Engish like real man and answer all my questions.but,my father said it is no good and make me more lazy.

So,I must still work hard to learn from teachers and pratice my exercise.If I am a Engish boy I will be more happy.Did they need a dictionary?

Thank you very much for your suggestions,I will go to Library tomorrow.88.

Michael said...

To Election:

Yes, it is possible to read out a book by a computer, using a technique called voice synthesis. Stephen Hawking,the noted physicist who visited Hong Kong recently--he is using a voice synthesis machine to help him "speak"--or more accurately, pronounce the words he has chosen. But speech produced by voice synthesis is artificial, like words put out by a robot.

By the way, despite all the advances in computer science, no machine at this stage can talk to you like a real human. That is just a fiction created by the Hollywood movies. To learn English, we still need to do it the traditional way--through reading and writing, speaking and listening. And that is a good thing too, for we can derive great joy in the process.

Good reading!


P.S. We all need dictionaries--whether we are native speakers or non-native speakers. In fact, the most famous dictionaries in the world--the Oxford English Dictionary and the Webster's--they were created for use by native speakers.

to a fish eaten said...

your story is misleading to say at least.

your philipinne maid like to stay in HK mainly because of the $$$ matters.

you comments of the liar political systems is the problem of system itself not democracy. be a master of yourself is not to waste on mark six, where HKJC collude with the Govt to lessen the tax income by barring free trade of gambling in HK.

it seems that you should go work in philipinne and let your clever U-educated maid to stay here helping to build HK =)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"you comments of the liar political systems is the problem of system itself not democracy"

-- an example of Chinglish

Anonymous said...

The following sentence is better:

Regarding your comments on the "liar" political system, it is the system itself--not democracy--that is the root cause of the problem.


I would like to say a few words on your comments about the "liar" political system: It is the system itself--not democracy--that is the root cause of the problem.


There are many ways to express the idea. All are acceptable--as long as they are written in English, not Chinglish.

Anonymous said...

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